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Sottezza | Pure + Originale | LED

Award Winning Designer Patio Undermount Awnings

New Release | Sleek Cubic Profile Addition to Sottezza Range

Designed with tried-and-tested technology and cutting-edge features, Sottezza Pure and Originale conservatory roof awnings offer the best of both worlds. Exceptional quality and durability are ensured by technical specifications like the aluminium rope drum and Weinor carriage system. Weinor offers solutions to suit a variety of styles and preferences, from the classic round design of the Sottezza Originale to the modern cubic appearance of the Sottezza Pure.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with patio roofs, both awnings feature integrated LED lighting in the cassette, emitting a warm glow to enhance the overall aesthetic look, while their designer fabric finish adds an additional layer of style.

New Release

sottezza pure cubic profile

Sottezza | Pure | Cubic Profile

The Sottezza Pure represents a sleek and contemporary addition to any outdoor space. With its compatibility with nearly all patio roofs featuring a rectangular design, regardless of the material, it ensures a seamless integration while maintaining its streamlined aesthetics. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and stylish solution for their outdoor shading needs.

sottezza pure round profile

Sottezza | Originale | Round Profile

The Sottezza Originale exudes timeless elegance with its classic round design. Compatible with almost all patio roofs, it offers a versatile option that complements various architectural styles. Its understated charm adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting, making it a preferred choice for those who appreciate traditional and refined aesthetics in their outdoor decor.


Sottezza | Pure + Originale

Tech. SpecificationsStretch + LEDOptiStretch + LED
Max. width:6m ( up to 4m proj. )6m
Max. projection:5m ( only to 4.5m cass. width )5m
Max. fabric area:24m²30m²
Cassette size ( WxH ):318mm x 150mm318mm x 150mm
Gear handle drive:N/AN/A
Motor drive:StandardStandard
Awning pitch:3°-45°3°-45°
Installation alternatives:Install under glassInstall under glass
LED spot lighting | Optional:Intergrated in cassetteIntergrated in cassette
Weinor My Collection 2:StandardStandard
Screens by Weinor:StandardStandard
Other fabric collections:OptionalOptional
Tempura + Tempura Quadra Heating SystemOptionalOptional

Sottezza | Pure + Originale | Showcase

Features | Sottezza Pure

Sottezza Pure features

Features | Sottezza Originale

Sottezza Originale features

Benefits | Sottezza | Pure + Originale

two styles

2 Distinctive Styles |  Superior Functionality

An undermount conservatory awning available in both round and square cassettes, presenting a myriad of choices tailored to diverse lifestyles and seamlessly adaptable to complement patio roofs and conservatories from a wide range of manufacturers.

Sottezza Pure boasts compatibility with nearly all rectangular patio roofs, irrespective of the material, ensuring both technical prowess and visual harmony. Alternatively, Sottezza Originale’s timeless round design exudes a classic charm while upholding superior technical performance.

rope tensioning system

Rope Tensioning System | Trusted + Long-Lasting

Experience the reliability of the proven Weinor rope tensioning system, ensuring precise fabric positioning and effortless installation.

Featuring a high-quality aluminium rope drum for stability, and textile rope derived from open ocean sailing technology for durability. Achieve reliable, evenly taut fabric with our pulley block technology.

carriage system

Carriage System | Precise + Quiet

Thoroughly tested and validated over the years, the Weinor carriage guarantees smooth extension and retraction with minimal noise.

Equipped with plastic precision rollers, it ensures reduced rolling friction for enhanced performance.

led lighting

LED LIghting | Integrated + Energy Saving

Integrated On/Off LED lighting within the cassette seamlessly merges with the patio roof’s architectural aesthetic. Its inconspicuous design eliminates visible bolting, ensuring a sleek appearance.

With 30,000 LED light hours and minimal energy consumption, it offers an 85% electricity saving compared to halogen technology.

flush profile

New Flush Front Profile | Reduced Light Gap

Introducing the innovative Flush front profile, a significant upgrade from the Sotezza II profile.

This new design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal with its seamless integration, where the front profile aligns perfectly with the guide rail end cap, but also effectively minimises the light gap.

easy installation

Installation System | Simple + Efficient

The system streamlines installation, requiring only two installers. While the cassette and support channels are installed separately, integrated LED lighting in the cassette eliminates the need for additional installation steps.

When installed by a professional, the awning is simple to install – simply attach the housing to the frame and release the tension.

Plus, any minor roof inaccuracies can be corrected by adjusting the cassette or support channels.

Stretch + OptiStretch

Smart Variants | Stretch + OptiStretch

Stretch | This version ensures regular fabric positioning, fostering a cosy atmosphere with slim support channels. Sottezza Pure and Originale Stretch models feature side openings with a small fabric gap of approximately 0.5 to 2.5 cm.

OptiStretch | Offering a fully enclosed construction, OptiStretch guarantees well-tensioned fabric without any hanging edges. Particularly beneficial in large installations, it minimises central sagging during extension and retraction. Sottezza Pure and Originale OptiStretch models are completely gap-free.

LED Lighting | Sottezza | Pure + Originale

sottezza pure leds
sottezza originale leds

30,000 hours of illumination is provided by Weinor integrated LED lighting while consuming minimal energy.

The Sotezza Pura and Originale utilises high-power LED components for top-notch Weinor quality:

  • An integrated component of the cassette.
    Special glass lenses create an atmospheric ambiance.
  • Even when the awning is closed, LED lights can stay on.
  • Remarkably energy-efficient, with an 85% power saving compared to halogen technology.
  • Provides a lifespan of 30,000 hours.
  • On/Off Lighting with Somfy RTS
  • It is easy to replace individual LED lights without having to remove the awning.

LED Lighting | Intergrated

Awning width in cmNumber of separate LED spotlightsAwning width in cmNumber of separate LED spotlights

Control | Sottezza | Pure + Originale

sottezza pure controls
sottezza originale controls

The installation site for the receiver, power supply pack, and additional electrical components is within the cassette. The faceplate is designed for easy opening, facilitating servicing as needed. This setup ensures that the receiver is readily accessible for maintenance tasks.

Control | Somfy RTS Radio Technology

ProductElectronicsSomfy RTS controlRemote receiverTransmitter
Sottezza Pure and OriginaleSottezza Pure and Originale drive• Somfy RTS remote-controlled motor integrated
into cassette
Somfy RTS remote-
• Situo 1 RTS Pure II/Situo 1
Soliris RTS Pure II/Situo 5 RTS
Pure II/Situo 5 Soliris RTS
Pure II hand transmitter
• Smoove 1 RTS Pure Shine
wall-mounted transmitter
Sottezza Pure and Originale LEDSottezza Pure and Originale drive and LED lighting• Somfy RTS remote-controlled motor integrated
into cassette
• Additional Somfy receiver for the
LED spotlights (with downstream power
pack) integrated into cassette
• LED not dimmable
Somfy RTS remote-controlled
and RTS Lighting
Slim Receiver
• Situo 5 RTS Pure II / Situo 5 Soliris RTS Pure II hand transmitter

Control | Hard wired with Somfy Control

ProductElectronicsFirmly wired Somfy controlControls
Sottezza Pure and OriginaleSottezza Pure and Originale drive• Somfy control for awning driveeg. Soliris Smoove Uno
Sottezza Pure and Originale LEDSottezza Pure and Originale drive and LED lighting• Somfy control for awning drive
• Commutator on-site for the LED spotlights
• LED power supply pack integrated into the
• LED not dimmable
eg. Soliris Smoove Uno and suitable light switch (existing)
Accessories (
Tempura / Tempura Quadra heading• not dimmableSuitable switch (on-site)

Control | Hard wired (existing switch / power supply on site)

ProductElectronicsFirmly wired Somfy controlControls
Sottezza Pure and OriginaleSottezza Pure and Originale drive• Awning switch for the awning driveeg. double rocker switches (on-site)
Sottezza Pure and Originale LEDSottezza Pure and Originale drive and LED lighting• Awning switch for the awning drive
• Existing switch for the LED spotlights
• LED power supply pack integrated into the
• LED not dimmable
eg. double rocker switches and suitable light switch
Accessories (
Tempura / Tempura Quadra heading• not dimmableSuitable switch (on-site)
Tempura patio heating

Stretch + OptiStretch| Sottezza | Pure + Originale

Compare Options | Stretch + OptiStretch

2 Stretch Systems | Comparison

The Sottezza Pure and Originale Stretch, along with the OptiStretch, boast identical frame systems and employ the same tensioning mechanism for conservatory awnings. However, what sets them apart lies in their fabric guidance mechanisms.

stretch systems comparison

Stretch System

Within the Stretch System, fabric tension occurs between the roller tube and the front profile, resulting in a gap of up to 25 mm between the fabric and the support channel. In larger constructions, fabric sagging of approximately 15 cm may occur, mitigated by the option to use distance ropes for support, the quantity of which depends on the projection. Moreover, acrylic and polyester fabrics enable the stretching of side edges.

OptiStretch System

Contrastingly, the OptiStretch system features a PVC fabric guide profile within the support channel, ensuring optimal fabric tensioning in all four directions. This setup eliminates the possibility of sideways reveal and completely closes the system without any fabric gap, resulting in perfectly taut fabric on all sides. Additionally, the OptiStretch system offers superior rolling properties compared to its Stretch System counterpart.

Distance Ropes | Stretch LED | Sottezza | Pure + Originale

Use of distance ropes | Sottezza Pure + Originale Stretch/LED*

Use of distance ropes - sottezza pure
Use of distance ropes - sottezza originale

Effect of a distance rope*

effect of distance rope sottezza pure
effect of distance rope sottezza originale

* Schematic diagrams for the demonstration of the mode of action of the rope tensioner.

support wires

Distance ropes

Distance ropes are used in large constructions to limit fabric sag.

Operation of the distance ropes

  • After the awning has been completely ascended, after installation, side edges of fabric should be at most 3 cm beneath the bottom edge of the support channels.

Position of the support wire brackets

  • In the vicinity of the support channel brackets
  • Evenly distributed across the projection angled at regular intervals

Standard number of distance ropes

Cassette width in cmProjection in cm
up to 200201 - 250251 - 300301 - 350351 - 400401 - 450451 - 500
up to 400----112
401 - 450--11223
451 - 500--1122
501 - 550--112
551 - 600--112

–      No distance rope is required
Construction size is not possible

The above table shows the minimum number of distance ropes, depending on the projection and cassette width. Additional distance ropes are recommended in case of heavy wind impact. In principle, the Sottezza Pure OptiStretch does not require a distance rope. These are optionally available for the achievement of the wind resistance class 2.

Installation| Sottezza | Pure + Originale

Fitted to Patio Roof | Pure + Originale

The Sottezza Pure and Originale Stretch, along with the OptiStretch, boast identical frame systems and employ the same tensioning mechanism for conservatory awnings. However, what sets them apart lies in their fabric guidance mechanisms.

fitted to patio roof pure

Indented | Sottezza Pure

fitted to patio roof originale

Indented | Sottezza Originale

When installed on a patio roof, the Sottezza Pure and Originale can be recessed to accommodate the later addition of glazing elements.

Cabling Individual + Multi-section units| Sottezza | Pure + Originale

Individual Units | Stretch + OptiStretch

cabling sottezza

Individual units:

For individual units, the Hirschmann coupling with cable is securely fastened to the rear of the cassette cable using standard cable clips.

Multi-section Units | Stretch + OptiStretch

multi section units

Multi-section units:

For multi-section units, the cable is optionally affixed with cable clips spaced approximately 700 mm apart.

power leads

The power cable follows along the Sottezza Pure + Originale, and connects to the power line on the right side.

Faceplate + bottom of cassette| Sottezza | Pure + Originale

faceplate sottezza pure + originale

After installation, the bottom of the cassette is opened to verify the proper alignment of the rope around the pulley block. A belt strap is used to keep the bottom of the cassette open. The faceplate can then be easily unclamped, allowing convenient access to the receiver or power supply pack for servicing.

Weinor Options | Design Your Custom System

Weinor offers a range of options for customers to design their custom patio system. With a variety of materials and colours to choose from, you can create a personalised outdoor space that perfectly complements your home and style.

Weinor | My Collections 2


My Collections 2 is Weinor’s new fabric range consisting of 3 different colour collections and ways. It’s a huge range of 143 new-release colour patterns for you to select from. Weinor fabric quality and the manufacturing process are exceptional. Weinor fabrics are made from polyester or acrylic and are solution dyed for superior colour fastness. High-quality pigments are stored in each individual fibre.

The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. Colours remain lastingly brilliant. This makes Weinor fabrics stand out from products made by other manufacturers, where only the finished yarn is dyed. Thanks to the Teflon fabric coating and state-of-the-art nano technology, the surface is resistant to oil, water, dirt and prevents rot.

weinor fabrics my collections 2

Weinor | Modern Basics Blue® | Sustainable Fabrics


16 New On-Trend Designer Fabrics. The new fabric collection from the Weinor design studio comprises 16 on-trend awning fabric designs in the latest trend colours. The fabrics impress due to their high quality and lasting, brilliant colour. Sustainability for the environmentally conscious customer seeking more than just a durable quality product. Modern Basics | Blue unique fabrics are made with GRS-certified 85% recycled PET fabric.

weinor modern basics blue sustainable fabrics

Weinor | Trend + RAL colours


Colours and shapes take on different meanings in a natural environment. They serve as warnings, camouflage or courtship.

For us people, colours and shapes also perform another function: they are a source of pleasure! Our houses and patios only really develop their own character when colour is applied, a character that reflects our personal taste.

Design and colour play a significant role in adding character and personalisation to our homes and patios. They serve a functional purpose and bring joy and pleasure to those who live in them. By incorporating colour, living spaces truly come to life and showcase individual tastes and preferences.

weinor frame colours

Weinor | Integrated LED Spotlights + LED Lightbars


Weinor LED light bars for awnings are the perfect lighting solution for any patio or entertaining outdoor space. Not only do they meet the primary need of lighting an area so you can continue to enjoy your space long after the sun has set — they are long-lasting, eco-friendly and cost-saving.

These small lights can pack a real punch while still being pleasant to the eye and creating a beautiful ambience. Although they project the same amount of light as a 20-watt halogen, they have a lovely warm white light and use 85% less energy. The LED light bars come in over 200 frame colours and can be installed anywhere and retrofitted. You can also opt for the RGB LED strip lights that offer 48 colours and 3 whites.

weinor integrated LED lights

Weinor | Tempura + Tempura Quadrata | Instant Heat Infrared Heaters


Maximise your investment. Extend and enjoy comfortable outdoor living all year round through even the coldest months with Weinor’s innovative Tempura and Tempura Quadra heating systems. Simple mount or easy retrofit.

The heater’s infrared rays generate instant heat and a pleasant warmth to the body as soon as the system is switched on. Infrared heat is constant, not reduced, lost or blown away with a breeze - as occurs with gas and electric heaters, resulting in a far more effective and cost saving use of the generated heat. Smallest size, maximum instant retained heat & lowest operating costs. Sort of a no brainer.

Tempura is a stylish round design and the Tempura Quadra offers a more architectural square design.

weinor instant heat patio heaters

Weinor Exclusive Fabric + Frame Colours.

My Collection 2 Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics

Specialist Fabrics

Frame Colours


Download our brochures containing all product details and and full technical specifications.

Blinds by Peter Meyer complete brochure

Full Ranges Brochure

sottezza pure brochure

Sottezza Pure Brochure

sottezza originale brochure

Sottezza Originale Brochure

Sottezza Pure + Originale technical brochure

Technical Brochure

Masters of Adaption

Masters of Adaption

Sottezza Pure + Originale


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International Awards for Innovation + Design Excellence

Weinor's commitment to innovation and design excellence has earned them recognition on a global scale, making them a leading name in the patio industry. In recent years, Weinor won numerous design prizes for the superb design of its patio products. The awards confirm that the products we offer are high quality in technical terms and set high standards from a visual perspective.

Weinor Product Awards include: 
iF Design Awards | Red Dot | Good Design | R+T Innovations | ICONIC Awards | German Design Awards | M&T Produkt des Jahres | Elu Produit du BTP par less Professionnels | Focus Open awards

Sottezza II awards:

sottezza design awards
exterior motorisation blinds and awnings

Quite simply, the world's finest Motorisation range.

35 years

Motorisation Specialists for 35+ Years

Somfy® Controllers

somfy exterior remotes
exterior situo remotes
Conexoon and Voice Control
smoove origin

Somfy® Sensors

somfy exterior sensors
somfy sun and wind sensors
somfy motion and rain sensors

Our extensive Somfy experience ensures our residential & commercial clients will make the best choices & be assured of a perfect motorised solution.

Exceptional Quality + Build Standards


We take great pride in our exceptional quality and build standards. Our LED lighting for exterior awnings and LED strip lights are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our stringent standards for durability and functionality. This commitment to quality sets us apart and provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they are investing in a product that will last.

5 year warranty

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