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The world’s finest motorised and manual curtain tracking systems.

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Curtain systems play two important roles. Enhancing the design whilst managing light and heat entering the room. Silent Gliss curtain tracks are designed with exceptional gliding properties and offering a range of systems accommodating the lightest to the heaviest of curtains.

The extensive range of tracks offer profile designs and colours ensuring a perfect fit with any interior design scheme.

Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of premium interior window curtain track systems. With cutting edge technology and a relentless commitment to precision, consistantly developing and manufacturing the world’s quietest, smoothest-gliding curtains. Available Australia wide.

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History of Silent Gliss | The Architects of Silence

hand operated track systems

Hand Operated
Track Systems

With many different hand operated curtain track systems, Silent Gliss have the required track for any given specification. Regardless of surface, size, shape or colour Silent Gliss are able to provide the ideal system for any installation. All tracks can be bent for curved applications. Profiles are available for ceiling or wall fix.

Silk Road - exotic oriental rustic woven blinds

Cord Operated
Track Systems

Cord operation avoids the need to handle the curtains and easily controls heavy or inaccessible curtains.

A range of 5 corded tracks are offered to suit all requirements, from medium to heavy duty. All tracks can be bent for curved applications. Profiles are available for ceiling or wall fix.

Le Blinde - french woven timber blinds

Track Systems

Silent Gliss lead the market for automated curtain track systems, offering the widest, most efficient and reliable range of electrically operated curtain tracks. Silent Gliss 5600 – for the highest demands. The Silent Gliss 5600 curtain track system provides benchmarking technology based on outstanding Swiss innovation, meeting the complex demands of modern architecture.

curtain pole system

Curtain Rods

The Silent Gliss Metropole range are uniquely designed 30mm curtain poles that combine whisper quiet specially coated curtain poles with exclusive two-component patented 2C technology gliders and rollers, allowing the curtain to move smoothly and silently, providing unprecedented silence.

Metroflat curtain poles

Curtain Rods

Another exciting new addition to our Silent Gliss range is the hand operated SG 7605 Metroflat 36mm Flat Profile Designer Curtain Rod track system. 

The crisp architectural profile compliments all designer & decorator Residential + Commercial installations.

somfy glydea

Glydea® Ultra
Quiet Curtains

Somfy’s newest innovation to motorised curtains, the Glydea® Ultra is a great alternative to our world class Silent Gliss Curtain tracks.

Considered one of the quietest curtain motorisation solutions on the market.

Silent Gliss. The sound of silence.

silent track

Silent Track. Unprecedented silence.

As much about both sight as it is sound, the Silent Track sets the new standard for curtain track specifications for architects, interior designers and end-users who aren’t prepared to compromise.

Resolutely architectural, specially designed tracks married with unique, new 2C Gliders resulting in unprecedented quietness.

2C glider technology

2C Glider. Two component technology.

New premium 2C gliders and rollers (patent pending), combined with the specially coated tracks allow the curtain to move exceptionally smoothly and silently. Manufactured using two materials, a hard component which ensures stability together with a soft ‘filling’ to absorb the noise.

The sound of silence.

Silent in Black | Sophisticated & timeless

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