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Tempura Patio Heating

Cosy warmth for longer lasting enjoyment
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Patio Heating System | Tempura

The Weinor Tempura heating system provides pleasant heat quickly on the patio. It can be attached anywhere, is easy to retrofit and gives off cosy warmth in the evenings and during the cooler months. The infrared rays can be felt as soon as it is switched on. It does not take a long time to heat up, like with other heating systems (e.g. medium wave heaters or dark radiators). When operated using the BiConnect remote control from Weinor, the Tempura’s heating output can be finely dimmed continuously. The angle of pitch can be adjusted at any time as required for a targeted pleasant temperature.

The Tempura is available in 2 versions: the Tempura in classic round look and now the totally new Tempura Quadra in modern square design.



Product Details:

bulletMaximum heating output from an ultra-slim housing
bulletHigh efficiency thanks to infrared shortwave radiant heaters
bulletSwivel heating feature provides adjustable heating focus
bulletSplash protection makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors
bulletHousing only heats up slightly
bulletAvailable in 200 RAL colours
bulletEasy to retrofit
bullet1500W of efficient power output

Tempura Heating | Showcase

Tempura | Technical Specifications

Heating system compared:
bullet Running costs for The Tempura system are a fraction of normal freestanding heaters ($0.33 to approx. $1.81 per hour)
bulletIn comparison with electric quartz radiators, gas or fan heaters, the electromagnetic waves emanating from the Tempura only warm the skin, not the air between
bulletMaximum thermal radiation is achieved one second after switching on
bulletNo need for cumbersome gas cylinders or having to live with limited space caused by the heating mantle itself being too hot


Download the Pergotex II brochure containing all product details and and full technical specifications.
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Tempura Quadra brochure
Pergotex II brochure
Tempura Patio Heating brochure


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