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Peter Meyer has been at the forefront of roller blinds for many years and our current offering is our best ever. 

simply roller blinds

Simply Roller

Designed to suit contemporary or classic decor with style and elegance.

silent gliss premium roller blinds

Silent Gliss Rollers

Known for their comprehensive, high quality and technically advanced roller blind systems.

Keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter is not only expensive but can also place unnecessary strain on the environment. One of the primary ways heat is transferred in and out of the house is through your windows, which is why it’s important to choose the right window furnishings to help maintain a comfortable climate throughout your home.

Roller blinds are an incredibly practical way to add  style and charm to your home. Installing Roller blinds is a convenient and cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency by blocking out unnecessary heat, harsh light or the crisp Winter cold air. At Blinds by Peter Meyer, we have a large range of Roller blinds for all homes.

Benefits of installing Roller blinds

Sought after by homeowners, interior designers and decorators, Roller blinds provide you with modern window treatments with seamless functionality and style. There are multiple benefits of installing Roller blinds in your home, including:

  • Ease of use Roller blinds are effortless to use. Anyone in the household can use them without learning any special techniques or controls.

  • Durable — Crafted for long-lasting elegance, Roller blinds are tough window coverings designed for resistance from the natural elements like sunlight.

  • Aesthetic value Roller blinds seamlessly fit into any space by complementing their surrounding decor and are a clean and stylish addition to any window.

  • Increased privacy — Double Roller blinds also known as Day/ Night Roller blinds are also a great way to add more privacy to your rooms while retaining complete control over the light by using a combination of screen/ light filtering fabrics and blockout fabric on the one dual bracket system.

Block out Roller blinds — blending purpose and style

When choosing the perfect Roller blinds for your home, one of the best options is to use a block-out fabric. In summer times, they prevent light from entering a room and drastically reduce the amount of heat felt. For cooler weather, block-out Roller blinds trap warm air inside and stop cool air from coming in through the window panes.  Roller blinds in blockout fabric are also gret way to ensure complete privacy at night.

Dual Roller blinds for interior light control 

Dual Roller blinds give you superior control over light levels in your space. With this Roller blind style, you can have two different fabrics on a single bracket. You can customise multi-functional coverings by combining block-out fabric with creen or Translucent Light Filtering fabric. This will give you complete privacy at night and either filter the sunlight throughout the day while preserving your external view or allowing light to enter the room while still providing privacty during the day.

Practical and innovative electric Roller blinds

Electric Roller blinds can be operated by a wired motor or a battery-operated motor. Motorised blinds ensure there are no loose cords and chains that can be a risk to young children and pets. Although we provide safety devices for all our Roller blind chains, an automated and chainless design can give you more peace of mind and safety around the house.

There are multiple options for motorised Roller blinds, including remote-controlled, wall switches or home automation hubs with voice control. Electric Roller blinds can be seamlessly added to the list of all automated household technology products, including outdoor awning and lighting systems.

Simply Rollers — sleek, chic and practical

Simply Rollers from Blinds by Peter Meyer are designed to suit contemporary and classic home decor styles. Featuring stainless steel chains with ultrasonically sealed edges paired with your choice of bottom railcolour and shape, these Roller blinds add style and elegance to any room.

All our Simply Rollers can be easily motorised, linked, and spring assisted with our innovative Roller blind system — making them highly functional and easy to control. Now available in various styles and colours, they will suit your interior decor while providing you with the control you desire. Additionally, our Simply Pelmet range allows you to design a unique pelmet treatment to complement your Roller blind installation. Our Simply Rollers collection includes:

  • Signature Collection V3.0 — Crafted with an expansive range of premier quality fabrics, the Signature Collection features exquisite fabric colours and textures. Inspired by textile trends worldwide, the Roller blinds collection is constantly evolving. Many of the Roller blind fabrics within the collection are exclusive to Blinds by Peter Meyer, including the ever-popular Simply Naturals woven blinds fabric collection.
  • Basics Range V2.0 Our Basics range offers a carefully curated selection of fabrics for installations where affordability is a prime objective. This range has a smaller but varied selection of imported fabrics and light densities that provide quality residential and commercial Roller blind project solutions.

Silent Gliss Roller blinds — innovative, stylish and state-of-the-art

Silent Gliss Roller blinds offer the most comprehensive, technically advanced Roller blind systems for commercial and residential applications. With clean lines and modern designs, this Roller blind range complements any style whilst providing discreet but effective shading. The Silent Gliss Roller blind range is made using Swiss-engineered systems that feature high-quality parts which have been extensively tested. Every Roller system is made-to-measure by experienced specialists to guarantee you smooth finishesand perfect functionality.

Shop luxurious Roller blinds in Australia at Blinds by Peter Meyer

For more than 35 years, Blinds by Peter Meyer has provided innovative product designs and used materials creatively to provide you with the best Roller blinds in Australia. We’ve created Australia’s most extensive range of custom-made interior blinds and outdoor awnings by combining high-quality with cutting-edge technology inspired by the latest global design trends. Get a quote and transform your home with the ultimate Roller blinds today.

If you have any questions or are looking to add Roller blinds to your home, get in touch with the team at Blinds by Peter Meyer today. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect Roller blinds for your space.

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