Blinds by Peter Meyer


Woven Blinds

Exotic Bamboos, Rustic Orientals, Elegant French Timbers & Urban Cool.

Woven Blinds

Peter Meyer started the business with French woven timber blinds back in 1987, and we still have the best offering of exotic weaves in Australia. We have added to our range over the years and our latest offering, Silk Road, is the most stunning weaves since we bought you the original French Ballauff weaves over 30 years ago. We still have Urban Weave and Chinois so we really have it all in natural weaves. Once again motorised Blinds and manually operated blinds are both possible.

Urban Natural Weave blinds

Urban Naturals

Urban Weave is a stylish natural look fabric ranges especially designed for city living. It has  been used in some of the most trendy upmarket homes through to the simplest beach home.
silk road rustic weave blinds

Silk Road Rustics

Silk Road fabrics are totally unique & individual rustic Oriental weaves. Fabrics are outrageously beautiful. Combining  natural wild reeds,wintergrasses, timbers,  twines, flax, bamboos & cottons.
Le Blinde woven timber blinds

Le Blinde Timbers

Le Blinde French woven timbers can be made into Roman Blinds, rollup blinds or moving panels/Panel Blinds. They can be used in their beautiful Natural state or stained to your requirements or even custom painted.
Chinois Bamboo woven blinds

Chinois Bamboos

These eleven exotic oriental weaves created especially for us, can create a fantastic feature or provide that finishing touch to any environment. The Chinois collection will provide mystique and elegance, but with a difference.
Interior motorisation for blinds and curtains

Quite simply, the world's finest Motorisation range.

35 years

Motorisation Specialists for 35+ Years

Somfy Controllers

somfy controllers
Situo, Situo Variation and Telis remotes
Conexoon and Voice Control
smoove origin

Our extensive Somfy experience ensures our residential & commercial clients will make the best choices & be assured of a perfect motorised solution.

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