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Maintenance & Warranty Conditions

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Maintenance and Warranty Conditions

We offer a full 5 year* nationwide warranty on all our products
– with the exception of our BASICS and Silk Road blind ranges and one motorisation motor, Altus 28 WireFree RTS LI-ION battery motor – these each carry a 3 year warranty. [ Note: All other motorisation motors, switches, controllers & sensors carry our full 5 year* warranty]

Our warranty simply requires – that normal, very basic maintenance is carried out – on both our interior and exterior products, and common sense operation is followed.

For exterior products – good maintenance & operational practice would include retracting awning products in gusty winds, washing them occasionally, and ensuring salt spray doesn’t settle settle. Simply treating your awning products with care.

For Interior products – again, just simple maintenance & sensible operation – like not dropping blinds down in front of open windows and keeping them dry and vacuumed every few months.

Child safety devices – MUST be installed by law – and our warranty is only valid if child safety devices are fitted to manually operated blinds.

We proudly back our products and workmanship with a lengthy warranty that simply requires you take care of your product and operate correctly & as instructions. You’ll appreciate, that misuse and/or failure to follow maintenance and instructions may void your product’s warranty. Naturally, our warranty is only valid providing payment has been received in full.

To further assist you – to understand good maintenance & operational practice, detailed advice
covering both interior blinds and exterior awnings follows.

General Definitions
1) Blinds by Peter Meyer is sometimes called Blinds in this Maintenance and Warranty specification.
2) All interior and exterior products may be referred to as product or products. It refers only to products manufactured or supplied by Blinds by Peter Meyer.
3) Clients may refer to the Client of Blinds by Peter Meyer but may also refer to the end user who may be the client of a third party as Blinds by Peter Meyer is a supplier to the trade.
4) Warranty is not transferrable i.e. we will warrant the product to the original owner only.

Interior Product Warranty

Maintenance of interior blinds
Your interior products by Blinds are manufactured from high quality components and fabrics and the maintenance of manual blinds is generally confined to vacuuming with a soft brush or blowing with a hair dryer on cold setting (Shangri-La). In the case of marks on fabrics a white or clear pencil eraser should remove most marks. In some more severe instances a soft nail brush with warm water with mild detergent may be better. Unfortunately marks caused by clients are not covered by our warranty. Products should be kept dust free and not allowed to get wet. Water will damage your products and void your warranty. If your product is motorised, the fabric should be treated as manual blinds. Batteries in remote controls should be changed periodically and in battery operated blinds (with external batteries) also changed when not operating correctly. Batteries are excluded from our warranties.

General Warranty for Interior Blinds & Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks
Fabrics, workmanship and hardware are covered for Five (5) years from date of invoice. Warranty does not cover the cost of removal, re-installation or dispatch. Our Warranty does not cover abuse, water damage, incorrect installation (when not installed by Blinds by Peter Meyer) or normal wear and tear. The most common cause of damage to blinds is a window being left open whilst the blind is in the down position or over rolling of blinds when chain stoppers and child safety devices are not installed during initial install. This action will void your warranty. Warranty is on product only. Products must be returned to Blinds by Peter Meyers factory for warranty claims. Blinds will not be responsible for costs involved in removal or re-installation of warranty claims. The returned blinds will need to be packed suitably so as not to be damaged in transit on return to our factory. Any damage in freight will be the responsibility of the customer. This warranty specifically covers blinds & Silent Gliss curtain tracks produced by Blinds by Peter Meyer. Batteries are not covered under this warranty. Venetian prices in bold within our Interiors Pricelist are larger than our recommended size and fall outside our warranty conditions. Fabric dye lots and fabric specifications can vary over time and replacement blinds may not match perfectly, replacing other blinds to match is not covered by warranty unless the remaining product are not of merchandisable quality. Approved child safety devices are supplied with our interior products and must be fitted to claim warranty. Roller blinds with a 3:1 size ratio, i.e. drop should not be 3x longer than the width due to potential fabric cupping and tracking may be void of warranty. In the case of manual roller blinds, the stop balls we supply must be fitted or warranty will be voided. Products larger than the sizes stated in our Interior Pricelist price tables are not covered by warranty. We will repair such products at cost.

Habitus Venetians are rated at 60C and temperatures in excess of this may cause permanent damage to the product. Please ensure that you select appropriate windows for this product and ensure that the direction the window faces and the climate it is installed into is appropriate to ensure the blind will not be exposed to heat greater than 60 degrees Celsius. Blinds that are damaged by heat will not be covered under warranty.

If the product is installed directly by Blinds subcontractors, Blinds will warrant that the installation is carried out in a workmanlike manner not withstanding that the medium we are installing into may be beyond our control and we cannot warrant that the timber, concrete, brick, gyprock or other medium is sound. Our expectation is that the installation medium is sound but we can only inspect this visually. Your properties condition is your responsibility.

Exterior Product Warranty

General Definition: Please refer to General Definition in paragraph 2 of this warranty document.

Maintenance of Exterior Blinds

    Acrylic canvas fabrics are natural products whose appearance may change over time and in varying weather conditions. These changes, including waffling, veining and folding, are normal and consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications. lf the awning is retracted when wet, then extend the awning at the first opportunity to allow the fabric to dry so as to discourage the growth of algae, mildew or other fungal growth. Where Dickson Orchestra fabric has been fitted, this material has been treated with Sunacryl and Cleanguard which helps it retain its colours, resist fading and repel dirt. To maintain the appearance and life of the fabric, clean the fabric by brushing regularly with a soft, dry brush. Occasionally hose down with clean, cold water on sunny days. Do not allow dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter to remain on the fabric as these are mediums for bacterial growth. Rinse the fabric as soon as possible to remove foreign matter. For persistent stains, use a natural soap based mild detergent diluted in lukewarm water, then rinse. Do not use strong bleaches. For fibreglass or polyester based materials with a polymer coating, use a clear coloured cleaner such as Spray and Wipe. Be sure to test the effect of the cleaner on a discreet piece of the fabric to ensure the material is not stained or bleached by the product. For difficult marks, fabric cleaners are available which can be sprayed on and wiped off with a clean rag.
    Our Exterior Rollers, Pivot Arm and Folding Arm awnings will generally withstand wind up to around 29-38 km per hour. Notwithstanding this suggestion, it is the responsibility of the customer to retract the awning in windy conditions. We suggest that if the wind is gusty and it’s uncomfortable outside, awnings in particular should be retracted. Our products are not intended to be waterproof. Water will generally not damage an exterior awning or exterior roller blind fabrics however if you need to retract them when they are wet, they should be extended as soon as practical and allowed to dry. We recommend wind or motion sensors on all external blinds, this is an excellent safety device to retract your awning when winds get too strong. It’s a safety device and not a failsafe device. These need to be maintained to be effective, please ensure batteries are changed regularly and dirt and spiders webs do not impede the operation of the wind sensor.
    To maintain your warranty, please don’t allow dirt or salt to accumulate on the powder coating (or fabric for that matter). You should wash the powder coating with mild detergent every 6-12 months. More often near the coast to prevent salt build up. Please avoid allowing things like paint, concrete, harsh cleaning materials, solvents etc to come into contact with your powder coating or fabrics. If this occurs please rinse with cold water and mild detergent or natural soap immediately. Try to avoid water getting on or around your motors. We recommend the use of Silicone spray (not WD40) on your moving parts avoiding the fabric and motor. This should be done annually or as necessary. This is the responsibility of the customer and is general maintenance.
    A conservatory awning operates on a spring loaded tension system with drive tapes. Any repair to the operating system should only be done under the direction of Blinds by Peter Meyer by an authorised and experienced technician.
    Exterior Rollers and Folding Arm Awnings may be fitted with a manual operating system. Crank handles are supplied to operate all manual blinds. If the operation becomes stiff or difficult try operating in the opposite direction to remove any adverse pressure. Also try using the handle perpendicular to the eyelet on the gearbox.
    Repairs or service to your product should only be undertaken by experienced technicians. Repairs done by a party other than the Distributor or a technician approved by Blinds by Peter Meyer may void the product warranty. For after sales service, the consumer should first contact the Blinds by Peter Meyer distributor who supplied and installed the product.

Our products are designed to protect from the sun in calm weather. In strong winds your product should be retracted. Our products are not designed as wind breaks or shelters from rain with some exceptions. Awnings should not be allows to hold water and please don’t hang anything from your Exterior Roller Blinds or awnings. We strongly recommend the use of wind, rain and motion sensors but these are not infallible and of course this does not apply to manual products. It is highly recommended that products be retracted when unattended. Your motor is usually pre-set and adjusted by your installer and does not require any adjustment by the consumer. If your motor is used repeatedly in a short period, it will overheat and automatically cut out until it cools down. This is a normal function and a safety override on your motor. Please avoid direct wetting of the motor and ensure that the power cable loops down to allow any potential water to drip off the bottom of the cable loop rather than running directly into the motor, not forming this loop will void the warranty. Also do not press the control buttons repeatedly as this may alter the preset limits on the motor. We recommend that you clean the spinner on your wind and remote sensors regularly. Also, change batteries in remotes and Motion sensors regularly as well.

WARNING: Extreme care is required when adjusting the arms on a folding arm awning. The arms have a high tension internal spring mechanism that can snap forward if inadvertently released from the back support bar or extruded aluminium front bar and can cause serious damage or injury if released. In particular do not adjust, release or undo the fixings connecting the arms to the back bar/cassette or front bar. Adjustments or repairs to awnings should only be undertaken by experienced technicians recommended by Blinds by Peter Meyer. Extreme care is required with motorised products. Avoid water contact with motor systems and do not attempt to adjust the motor settings. Awnings should be operated (ie extended and retracted) at least every two months to maintain proper working order.

Warranty of Exterior Blinds.

Subject to Clause 5, below, Blinds by Peter Meyer warrants that the Goods shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years* from the date of invoice to the Distributor in the case of folding arm awnings, retractable roof system, Exterior roller blinds, conservatory awnings and pivot arm awnings. Components supplied by Blinds by Peter Meyer that fail during this period will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Blinds by Peter Meyer free of charge upon receipt of a purchase order from the Distributor and the return of the defective parts or goods to Blinds by Peter Meyer. This Warranty is limited to the replacement of the parts, with Blinds not being liable for costs incurred in returning the parts or goods, electrician’s and other trades costs, attendance at the site of the installed Goods or for any subsequent installation costs. The Warranty is based on Blinds by Peter Meyer being provided, free of charge, clear access and a suitable, safe, work platform, if requested by Blinds by Peter Meyer or their agent/distributor, to assess any repair work required. Attendance at the site of the installed Goods to inspect the Goods pursuant to a claim under this Warranty is at the discretion of Blinds by Peter Meyer – lf required by Blinds by Peter Meyer, the goods are to be returned to Blinds by Peter Meyer premises for inspection at the cost of the distributor. Any claims for replacement of Goods under this Warranty are to be made to Blinds by Peter Meyer by the distributor that supplied the Goods to the consumer servicing the product, including replacement of parts supplied by Blinds by Peter Meyer under this warranty, is the responsibility of the distributor. Replacement parts supplied under warranty will need to be replaced onsite by Blinds by Peter Meyers distributor should the product not be returned to Blinds by Peter Meyer.


The following is not covered by this Warranty:

A) Fair wear and tear.
B) Damage resulting from accidents, negligence, neglect or default on the part of the distributor (including incorrect installation of the Goods), consumer or third parties.
C) Damage, including adjustment to the pitch settings of folding arm awning, resulting from storm, wind, rain, hail or snow.
D) Damage resulting from the distributor or consumer not following the Maintenance instructions for the goods.
E) Damage to or deterioration in the performance of the goods when repairs or adjustments to the goods have been undertaken by a party other than Blinds by Peter Meyer or a technician approved by Blinds by Peter Meyer.
F) Deterioration of surface finishes due to exposure to ocean salt spray or other corrosive atmosphere including hazardous industrial processes.
G) When any coating agent, other than a mild detergent diluted in lukewarm water for cleaning purposes, is applied to the fabric.
H) Labour, third party costs or electrical costs (other than the direct replacement of components forming part of the Automation Systems supplied by Blinds by Peter Meyer).
I) Goods ordered outside of recommended specifications and goods purchased from parties other than Blinds by Peter Meyer or a Distributor.
J) Fabrics, Automation Systems or any other item fitted to the Goods that were not supplied by Blinds by Peter Meyer
K) Consumable items that form part of the Goods including tape/rope drives on conservatory systems,
L) Small colour variations from powder coating colour samples and between components and profiles and variations in fabric colours from samples that are caused by industrial processes. M) Changes or variations in the fabric including veining and folding over time caused by the natural reaction of the fabric to the environment.
N) lnterference with radio signals of Automation Systems caused by any external factors, including radio signals in the vicinity of the products, or internal electric systems to which the Goods are connected.
O) Water damage to Automation Systems or interference with the Automation System controls caused by the Consumer or a third party changing the limit settings of the Goods. All implied terms, conditions and warranties are to be excluded from this agreement, except for those that are mandatory by the law within the New South Wales jurisdiction.
P) Goods that fall outside the Five (5) year* warranty period

Responsibility of the Distributor
It is the responsibility of the Distributor of the Goods to:

A) Be familiar with the components, operating systems and installation system for the Goods being sold to the Consumer.
B) Ensure the fixing surface and location for the Goods is suitable having regard to the capabilities of the Goods and identify if additional fixing brackets are required beyond the minimum number specified by Blinds by Peter Meyer.
C) Ensure the Consumer of the Goods fully understands the Goods and any limitations of the Goods.
D) Ensure the Consumer is aware that any warranty claims shall be directed to the Distributor and that the Distributor shall then be responsible for contacting Blinds by Peter Meyer to assess the warranty claim.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The law of New South Wales shall govern the contract for the supply of Goods by Blinds by Peter Meyer. Blinds by Peter Meyer and the Distributor of the Goods or Consumer, as applicable, shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and the Federal Court of Australia.

Industry Guidelines
Consumer Information – Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia

*Warranty Period:
Our 5 Year Warranty covers the entire range of products – with the exception of those shown in the Preface of this documetation. Products identified, are fully covered by our 3 Year Warranty.

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