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Solare Teknica 1000

Sleek & Simple Straight Drop Awning.

Teknica 1000 | Straight Drop Exterior Roller Awning

Solare Teknica Series has been designed by Australians, specifically for our lifestyles, ensuring design; styling and quality were top of mind. The modern and contemporary Solare Teknica Series is suited to all exterior buildings.

Solare Teknica

Featuring 5 matching awning styles, enabling you to personalise the perfect awning to suit your external shading  requirements in 5 easy steps. Mix and match the awning styles and you can still maintain a commonality appearance and design on your home.

The Solare Teknica 100 Straight Drop provides your home a with UV protection that comes in a clean and modern looking finish. Enquire with us today or learn about more outdoor blinds online from Peter Meyer.

Solare Teknica 1000 Straight Drop Exterior Roller Awning
Straight Drop Exterior Roller Awning

Size & Application

Maximum Width:
5m or
Maximum Drop: 4m (up to max. 16 sq.m)

Sleek and simple with a modern aesthetic, suitable for balconies where you are able to strap the blind to the  railings or simply strap it down to loops attached to the ground. This blind is designed to be either fully up or  strapped in the down position.

Exterior Roller | Straight Drop
Suitability: Windows + Balconies + Alfresco Dining Rooms

Secure: Hold Down Straps
Best for: Sun + UV protection,   use where channels are not suitable, Air flow, Approx. wind rating with hold downs 45km per hr.
Fabrics: Huge Collection of Sunscreens incl. Soltis, Everview, Mermet Solmatiz, Mode Outlook, & Sunworker. Also Acrylic  Canvas fabrics. Most fabrics available by request.

Standard Powder Coat Colour options
standard colour options

1. Open Rollers
A modern industrial look is offered by exposing the componentry. By eliminating the aluminium headbox profiles, the price is significantly reduced.

2. Hold Down Straps
Can be used to hold down the awning at various points across the bottom rail and assists in minimising bottom rail movement in stronger winds.

3. Stainless Steel Brackets
We recommend our optional marine grade stainless steel brackets on this system

Teknica 1000 Showcase

Head Box Options

Closed Headbox

Closed Headbox

Encapsulates the fabric from external elements such as rain, UV and, fragments, which assists in keeping the fabric clean and enhances longevity.

Open Headbox

Open Headbox

Increase air circulation around the roller minimising heat build up for PVC skins. (Ideal for the Pivot Arm Awning but can  also be used in front rolled Cable Guide and Straight Drop Awnings)

Open Roller

Open Roller

A modern industrial look for the ideal choice to reduce cost.


Weight Bar

Weight Bar
The heavy duty bottom rail has been designed to offer an additional weight bar, this is beneficial for smaller awnings that require further weight to reduce bottom rail bounce and increase fabric tension.

Hold Down Strap

Hold Down Strap
Hold down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points across the width of the awning. This option also offers a traditional no guide system where the awning is simply locked into place via straps. Similar to the locking bolts, the hold down clips also insert inside the bottom rail for a clean bottom rail finish.

Locking Bolt

Locking Bolt
The locking bolt secures the awning into the side channel base cable bracket or breeching staple.

Pile Brush and Valance

Pile Brush and Valance
As experienced in a number of Australian homes, the floor surface is often not perfectly level. Therefore when an awning is installed over a wide width there will be room for: light gaps, insects, debris, wind and rain to enter your courtyard or home. With the ability to insert either pile brush or a fabric valance, this gap canbe eliminated therefore maximising the functionality of the awning. In addition to the protection offered by these inserts they also protect the bottom rail from chipping if dropped to the ground quickly and changing the overall look of the awning based on the valance style chosen.


Air flow

If you are enclosing a verandah or patio, consider if you still want to have a nice cool breeze coming through. If this is required ensure to select a open weave fabric with around 10% openness.

Privacy and view through
There are open and closed weave awning fabrics. Consider if you want day or night time privacy. A open weave fabric with in a dark colour gives fantastic view through in the day, but also allows others to see in at night.

Be mindful that when a fabric is outdoors it is exposed to the elements. Fabrics with Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection or DURAGUARD® Protection keeps odours away, protects against the development of bacteria, resists stains and stops mildew and fungi build up ensuring freshness in your home.

fabricsColour fastness
Ensure the fabric you choose has excellent fade resistance to the sun. Any fabric with fade resistance result of 6 and above is reptiable and will ensure your fabric remains the colour you selected for many years to come.
a. Mesh
b. Canvas
c. Acrylic

Operating Options

manual crankManual Crank The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependant on your strength. Available in a selection of Black, Grey and White for colour co-ordination. The geared crank handles are available in: 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm and 2400mm lengths to suit any awnings height.


Control your awning with a touch of a button with motorisation. The Solare Teknica range can be used with the latest Automatic Tensioning Motors that permit awnings to be locked in position (with strap or sliding bolt) and tensioned. This maintains tension on the fabric minimising fabric “blow outs” traditionally caused by unexpected high winds.


Download our brochures containing all product details and and full technical specifications.

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Technical Brochure

exterior motorisation blinds and awnings

Quite simply, the world's finest Motorisation range.

35 years

Motorisation Specialists for 35+ Years

Somfy® Controllers

somfy exterior remotes
exterior situo remotes
Conexoon and Voice Control
smoove origin

Somfy® Sensors

somfy exterior sensors
somfy sun and wind sensors
somfy motion and rain sensors

Our extensive Somfy experience ensures our residential & commercial clients will make the best choices & be assured of a perfect motorised solution.

Exceptional Quality + Build Standards


We take great pride in our exceptional quality and build standards. Our LED lighting for exterior awnings and LED strip lights are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our stringent standards for durability and functionality. This commitment to quality sets us apart and provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they are investing in a product that will last.

5 year warranty

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