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Habitus Plus Venetians

Designer style. Quality Poly & Timber Venetians.

Habitus Plus. Tough & Affordable. Poly + Timber Venetians.

Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Habitus range of Poly Venetian blinds is transforming into the new Habitus Plus collection and combining the best selling Poly colours (Pure and Ivory) with brand new sustainably grown Basswood Habitus Timber colours.

Available in seven beautiful on-trend colours, the Timber has been carefully selected to perfectly complement today’s interior décor needs. All ten colours including the Poly, are available in both 50mm and 63mm slat widths, plus there is a 80mm wide flat valance for modern styling. Habitus Poly is available in 2700mm and the Habitus Timber can go to 3000mm wide.

The 3000mm slat width means even the widest windows can be covered using this natural, light weight traditional Venetian alternative

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poly and timber venetian blinds

Size + Range Components

Habitus Plus | Timber | 50mm + 63mm x 3mm Slat | To 3000mm Wide
Habitus Plus | Timber | 80mm x 7 mm Flat Valance or Fascia | To 3000mm Wide
Habitus Plus |  Timber | 50mm + 63mm x 15mm Trapezoidal Bottom Rail | To 3000mm Wide

Habitus | Poly | 50mm + 63mm x 3.2mm Slat | To 2700mm Wide
Habitus | Poly | 85mm x 8mm F lat Valance or Fascia | To 2700mm Wide
Habitus | Poly | 50mm + 63mm x 15mm Bottom Rail. | To 2700mm Wide

Habitus Plus| Gallery

Habitus Plus| Unique features

Quality natural timber Acorns are used on all Timber and Poly blinds.
All Habitus Plus Timber slats are made from sustainably sourced Basswood.
Quality finish. Mitred corners on Valance. No visible raw ends on the slats, All ends are painted to colour match.
On-trend colour spectrum has been carefully selected by a specialist design consultant.
Habitus Poly is approx.15% lighter than PVC alternatives & very suitable in home or office wet areas.
3000mm wide Habitus Plus blinds cover the widest windows with a light venetian slat.

Slat | Designer Colour Palette

Habitus Plus colour palette
timber and poly venetians

Habitus Plus | Timber

50mm | Bottom Rail + Valance

Habitus Plus timber colours

Habitus Plus | Timber

63mm | Bottom Rail + Valance

Habitus Plus timber colours

Habitus Plus | Poly

50mm | Bottom Rail + Valance

Habitus Plus Poly colours

Habitus Plus | Poly

63mm | Bottom Rail + Valance

Habitus Plus Poly 63mm
sustainable venetian blinds
Habitus Pure Collection


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Product & Technical Brochure

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Interior motorisation for blinds and curtains

Quite simply, the world's finest Motorisation range.

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We take great pride in our exceptional quality and build standards. Our LED lighting for exterior awnings and LED strip lights are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our stringent standards for durability and functionality. This commitment to quality sets us apart and provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they are investing in a product that will last.

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