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Chinois Bamboo

Rustic Asian Style Woven Blinds

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Chinois Asian Style Woven Bamboo Blinds

These eleven exotic oriental weaves created especially for us, can create a fantastic feature or provide that finishing touch to any environment. The Chinois collection will provide mystique and elegance, but with a difference. Suitable for domestic and commercial application this product is hand crafted using Bamboo, seagrasses, Jute and other reeds and then woven together using a polyester yarn for longevity.

“I always wanted to give the best designers a challenging weave that just said ‘use me’… I’ve found it with this Eclectics collection”…… Peter

Mystique & elegance.
Available in rollup blinds or roman blinds and some thinner weaves can be made into Panel Blinds
Good insulation qualities – varies with weave.
Gives room great presence.
This product has the most stunning window definition.
Naturally Chinois Eclectic can be motorised.

asian woven bamboo blinds


Maximum Size:
Most weaves are 2500mm wide. Note: some larger weaves may be heavy.

Romans, rollups, curtains, and moving panels.

None of the Chinois range will give sufficient privacy for a bedroom at night although they do provide daytime privacy.

11 exotic weaves selected for their individual charm.

All natural finishes. Some can be clear lacquered or painted white. Painting as per woven timber surcharge.

Thermal Properties:
Bamboo is one of nature’s best insulators. UV protection will vary proportional to openness of weave as will insulation and light transmission.

Romans best suited. See below.

5 Years. See below.

Chinois Bamboo Blinds | Showcase

Weave Range


Download the Chinois Bamboo brochure containing all product details and and full technical specifications.

Blinds by Peter Meyer brochure download

Product & Technical Brochure

Chinois bamboo blinds

Product Brochure

Somfy Motorisation. Cutting edge technology

  • Finest quality incorporating cutting edge technology
  • Touch of a button convenience
  • Range of controllers & switching offering great flexibility
  • Can control multiple blinds & awnings from one controller
  • Add sensors & timing to operate while away
  • Energy efficiency by controlling heat & light entering
  • Smooth & controlled movement ensures longer life
  • Quiet, sophisticated & discreet operation. Impress guests
somfy automation controllers

Exceptional Quality + Build Standards

  • Blinds by Peter Meyer use only the finest components:
  • Cutting edge technology & build quality
  • Backed by Peter Meyer’s 5 year warranty
  • Plus the Peter Meyer renowned level of service
5 year warranty


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