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Stunning over roof conservatory awning for almost any patio or conservatory roof

WGM Top | Versatile Slimline Sun Protection

The WGM Top is suitable for almost any patio or conservatory roof, even when retro-fitted. Perfect for a fully glazed conservatory, wooden pergola or any other verandah. Versatile Weinor provides sun protection for roofs up to 6.5m wide, however multisystem units can span much wider widths.

Weinor design is as important as function and WGM Top complements conservatory or patio roof with a stylish element perfectly integrated into the house facade’s overall look. Slimline profiles with clean lines, no visible fixings.

A huge selection of frame and fabric colours will compliment every architectural style for both residential and commercial applications. WGM Top also has the option of using the unique OptiStretch technology which secures the fabric into the side channels giving a superior finish.

slimline profile conservatory awning
WGM Top | Elegant slimline profile with no visible fixings


wgm top conservatory_awning
Awning Style:
Over Roof Conservatory Awning | Fully protected textile and mechanism
Max. Width x Projection:
6m x 5m
Max. Fabric Area:
36 m²
Stretch + Opti Stretch
Multi-Section Units Max. Width:
Custom Colour Options:
47 Std. Frame Colours + 9 Std. Trend Colours + Optional 150 RAL Colours
Price Category:
Lowest to highest*
price category 3

WGM Top | Showcase

WGM Top | Shade & Protect Outdoors with Style

WGM Top sun heat and glare protection

Sun, heat & glare protection

The over roof conservatory awning provides reliable sun and glare protection – the space under your conservatory roof heats up far less as the sun doesn’t directly hit the roof

wgm top conservatory and patio roof

For conservatory & patio roofs

Conservatory, wooden patio roof or one with roof overhang – the over roof conservatory can be combined with almost any patio or conservatory roof, even later as a retro fit.

wgm top minimal slimline

Minimal slimline design

Slimline profile without visible fixings highlight the over roof conservatory awning’s modern design. It integrates perfectly into the overall look of the house facade as a stylish element.

WGM Top | Simple to Retrofit

retro fit to patio roofs

Patio Roofs

Suitable for use on most patio roofs, the over roof conservatory awning provides very stylish & functional sun,glare & heat protection.

retrofit to conservatory

Integrated Conservatory

The over roof conservatory awning can also be simply integrated with more challenging or complex building designs

retrofit over conservatory

Over Roof Conservatory

The over roof conservatory awning is the ideal addition to your warm and cold conservatory or verandah or patio roof.

A solution for most existing roof styles

WGM Top | Breakthrough Innovation + Function

Fabric support roller | Bottom
Fabric support roller | Top
Top support + Valance Plus
Viva Stretch | Secure on 2 sides
OptiStretch | Secure on 4 sides
Weinors Optistretch technology
wgm top side fixing options
Installation – Side fixing options
Adjustable height brackets
Special support bracket installation
wgm top side fixing options
Special custom support bracket
Alternative bracket option
Optional adjustable top fix brackets

WGM Top | Product Features

Highly flexible design. Enhances outdoor living with most roof styles:
bulletOver roof conservatory awning for a perfect environment all year round
bulletFits over almost any building project, wooden, aluminium, steel patio or integrated roof
bulletSlimline profiles with no visible fixings. Combine minimal look with our huge range of fabric and frame colours
bulletIntegrates subtly into the overall appearance of the house facade

Open Roof conservatory awning features:
bulletHighly flexible support bracket options
bulletAwning height can be individually adjusted by different support brackets (fixed/adjustable, standard/special version)
Woinor AustraliabulletWeinor carriage system is very quiet and easy running
bulletMulti-section units possible: Ideal for covering very large areas, especially in commercial applications
bulletReliable tension system – with new flat rope for quiet operation
bulletStretch and OptiStretch versions: To hold more securely & eliminate light gap

WGM Top | Simple Installation or Retrofit

wgm top simple installation retrofit

WGM Top | Stretch + OptiStretch options

The WGM Top is available in the Stretch and OptiStretch versions that ensure optimum fabric performance and positioning. With the OptiStretch version, the fabric is firmly clamped on all four sides. The benefits: extremely taut fabric and no light gap on the sides. The basic Stretch version is clamped on two sides and there is a light gap between the fabric and side profile. A strong rope tension system ensures even fabric positioning with both versions


bulletThe really even tautness of the fabric positioning and performance creates a cosy atmosphere
bulletStretch is held captive on 2 sides, cost effective and easy installation

Held securely on 2 sides. Cost effective solution

bulletCompletely enclosed all round, ensures optimum fabric positioning without any hanging or saggy fabric edges
bulletOn very large dimensions it also reduces the sag of the cover during operation
bulletHeld captive on all sides with no lightgaps

Held securely on 4 sides. No light gap.
OptiStretch functionality

Weinor Exclusive Fabric + Frame Colours.

Fabric patterns

Special collection fabrics

Frame Colours

Weinor | My Collections


My Collections, is Weinor’s new fabric range consisting of 3 different colour collections and ways.It’s a huge range of 143 new release colours patterns for you to select from. Weinor fabric quality and the manufacturing process is exceptional. Weinor fabrics are made from polyester or acrylic and are solution dyed for a superior colour fastness. High-quality pigments are stored in each individual fibre.

The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. Colours remain lastingly brilliant. This makes Weinor fabrics stand out from products made by other manufacturers where only the finished yarn is dyed. Thanks to the Teflon fabric coating and state-of-the-art nano technology, the surface is resistant to oil, water, dirt and prevents rot.

weinor fabric collections


Download the WGM Top brochure containing all product details and and full technical specifications.
WGM Top brochure
WGM Top Brochure
WGM Top technical brochure
Technical brochure
WGM Top technical brochure

Commercial Solutions brochure

European Awards for Innovation + Design Exellence

In recent years, Weinor won numerous design prizes for the superb design of its patio products. The awards confirm that the products we offer are not only high quality in technical terms, but also set high standards from a visual perspective.

awards 2019

Somfy Motorisation. Cutting edge technology

  • Finest quality incorporating cutting edge technology
  • Touch of a button convenience
  • Range of controllers & switching offering great flexibility
  • Can control multiple blinds & awnings from one controller
  • Add sensors & timing to operate while away
  • Energy efficiency by controlling heat & light entering
  • Smooth & controlled movement ensures longer life
  • Quiet, sophisticated & discreet operation. Impress guests
somfy automation controllers

Exceptional Quality + Build Standards

  • Blinds by Peter Meyer use only the finest components:
  • Cutting edge technology & build quality
  • Backed by Peter Meyer’s 5 year warranty
  • Plus the Peter Meyer renowned level of service
5 year warranty

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