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Energy Efficient Awnings & Blinds by Blinds by Peter Meyer

Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Blinds, Awnings and Accessories are Energy Efficient

Honeycomb Cellular Energy efficient blinds offer privacy, optimal light regulation, outstanding insulation, little-to-no upkeep, and adaptable styling. That is why Blinds by Peter Meyer designed the Simply Cell blind range, which are some of the best honeycomb cellular blinds out there.

Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Retractable Patio Roof

A Retractable Patio Roof allows you to enjoy exterior areas every month. The winter season is approaching us, and the cool weather it brings makes it a perfect time to enjoy your patio and exterior entertainment spaces. You need dependable weather protection against rain and high winds with Blinds by Peter Meyer’s energy efficient awnings and blinds.    

The newest addition to Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Retractable Patio Roof Systems line are called Plaza Viva. Plaza Viva is a cutting-edge creation that can be embedded into facades without sufficient load-bearing capacity for a folding arm awning to be installed. The awning comes with a fabric section that goes beyond 30 m2, in addition to a Width x Projection with a 6m x 5m maximum. Numerous systems can also be linked up to cover broader widths.

More aspects qualify Plaza Viva as a popular Retractable Patio Roof for all commercial and residential units: 


Other generic retractable patio roofs provide minimal options with regards to colour, making homeowners settle for what they can get, rather than what they had in mind. The vast variety of Weinor Exclusive frame and fabric colours from Blinds by Peter Meyer ensure that you obtain a foldable patio roof that lives up to your expectations. If you aren’t able to decide from 56 frame colours, 47 other regular frame colours, or 9 Trend colours, speak to the professionals at Blinds by Peter Meyer to help you pick from 210 available RAL colours.

Heating and Lighting

To enjoy the evening breeze without leaving your patio, supplement your awning with Atmospheric LED Spotlights. The Plaza Viva LED cassette establishes the tone after night falls with 30,000 hours of lighting operating under very low use of energy. Even upon retraction of the awning, the Plaza Viva LED operates properly.

For additional heating when it starts to cool down in the late summer, have the Tempura/Tempura Quadra Universal Heating System installed on your Plaza Viva awning. Tempura provides immediate warmth after it’s turned on. The temperature can be modified to accommodate your comfort.

Telescopic post (if desired)

The climate in Australia can vary, moving from boiling heat to rainfalls that flood the streets. Plaza Viva provides weather protection for all kinds of climates. By supplementing a telescopic post, the fabric can easily drain the water. A post can be lowered with a gear handle to accomplish the intended pitch, allowing the water to fall from the awning.

Foundational Integrity

If you are concerned about your awnings blowing away around when strong winds are apparent, you have a pair of fastening choices from Plaza Viva. Stretch secures the fabric on both sides with balanced tautness on the fabric performance and positioning. OptiStretch goes an extra step and secures the fabric on all sides to offer fabric positioning, sans sagging fabric or hanging edges via its unique zips attached to the sides of the fabric which in-turn are then secured into the side profiles. 

The Plaza Viva is Blinds by Peter Meyer’s newest textile pergola roof system. Their dedication to producing the greatest blinds in the country matches their commitment to excellent customer service, making them the go-to option for interior designers, homeowners, and decorators.

Explore our website now for more information on Blinds by Peter Meyer’s energy efficient awnings and blinds.

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