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Blinds by Peter Meyer is regularly scouting for product innovations and improvements in cellular blinds and interior pleated blinds to accommodate commercial and residential blind demands. By consistently updating our vast collection of fabrics, we can provide the latest creative automations for outdoor and interior blinds. As such, Blinds by Peter Meyer continues to offer quality blinds on a continuous basis. In fact, we have just debuted new enhancements to a pair of our most famous brands: Simply Cell and Simply Pleat.

Simply Cell – Interior Cellular Blinds

The energy-saving cellular blind range offered by Blinds by Peter Meyer is called Simply Cell, and it features outstanding insulation abilities, temperature regulation, and sustainability. Simply Cell is the ideal supplement to a smart home. The narrow honeycomb form offers insular protection via its cellular air pockets. As such, you stay cool inside during the summer and minimize heat loss during colder seasons.
The Simply Cell blinds come in high-quality 25mm honeycomb shades. Their asymmetric form prevents pleat loss, adding longevity and durability to these energy-saving blinds.

View our Simply Cell Product Brochure by clicking the image below:


Simply Cell | Simply Pleat - Product brochure

Simply Pleat – Interior Pleated Blinds

The Simply Pleat collection has a large amount of shade and light regulation, as well as design adaptability. High-quality components and fabrics have made Peter Meyer’s flagship brand of interior pleated blinds the best option for home decorators and designers. The 20mm Simply Pleat system comes in numerous shapes: half-round, round, drawn from bottom to top (or the reverse direction), angled, and other intricate sizes. Fabrics to choose from include sheers, sunscreens, blockouts, and translucents based on the choice of fabric. The new interior pleated blinds are developed with German precision and the outstanding quality comes from cutting edge technology, hardware, and design.

View our Simply Pleat product brochure by clicking the image below:
Simply Pleat Interior Pleated Blinds - Product brochure

Signature Collection V3.0

Keeping in line with the success of Signature Collection V2.0, V3.0 features new materials from the Burke, Argyle, Eden, Clarence, Jardine, Hamilton, Manning II, Macleay, Oxley, Merrica, among other fabric lines. The Simply Pleat and Simply Cell blinds – combined with the most recent assemblage of textures, fabrics, and colors from Asia, Europe, and Australia – are the perfect match for designers.

Find out more about Simply Cell, Simply Pleat, and the new Signature Collection v3.0 today and get in contact with our expert team for orders and advice on FreeCall 1800 254 631 or at

Simply Cell | Simply Pleat - Product brochure


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