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With over 30 years of experience, Melbourne’s Blinds by Peter Meyer has earned a reputation for being a reliable straight drop outdoor roller blind manufacturer and distributor. We are an Australian-owned and operated business that has been praised for our wide variety of exterior and interior window furnishings. Situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Blinds by Peter Meyer continues to innovate our design, distribution, and manufacturing process for design professionals and homeowners across Australia, New Zealand and other export markets.

Straight Drop Outdoor Roller Blinds

Because of its fickle weather, Melbourne’s climate can put a damper on outdoor plans. To bypass the elements’ influence, Blinds by Peter Meyer highly recommends the Teknica 1000.

Teknica 1000 is part of the Solare Teknica variety of exterior roller blinds, a product that has garnered praise from experts. With craftsmanship and functionality, the unit distinguishes itself from the current straight drop outdoor roller blinds you see these days in Melbourne.

Teknica 1000 is developed by Australians for the country’s lifestyle, and as such, industry specifiers receive excellent performance and cutting-edge quality. The shading system is designed to be retracted fully up into a headbox or installed without the headbox for a more industrial look. Its designed to be held down into place with straps on the bottom rails. Ideal for balconies, Teknica 1000 can be attached to railings or circles embedded in the ground. Straight drop blinds are suitable for living space and dining room installations.

Users can run the Teknica 1000 with a manual geared crank, which comes in grey, black, and white. The crank is easy to use and isn’t reliant on grip strength. The crank handles can accommodate all types of awning heights since they are as long as 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm and 2400mm in size selections. Teknica 1000 can also be run with Somfy’s innovative motorisation technology.

The contemporary industrial appearance of Teknica 1000 stems from its open roller layout, where aluminium headbox profiles are taken away to reveal the components. Other aspects include hold-down straps to secure the blind at various bottom rail points. When in operation, the straps minimise the motion of the bottom rail when it’s windy outside. That said, if you like the contemporary appearances of the cassette headbox, it is simple to include this option.
Blinds by Peter Meyer’s production group produces the Solare Teknica range in 5 matching awning styles, which includes the cable guided, straight drop, Side Retention system, Deep side channel, and Pivot arm awnings. Blinds by Peter Meyer suggests getting stainless steel brackets for the system, which are fabricated to prolong the product’s lifespan and fight numerous forms of corrosion.

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