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Motorised Blinds for Interior and Exterior Use

Technology for smart homes is reprogramming how people live their lives. Security, comfort, and convenience continue to be the primary reasons for more cutting-edge home design solutions. To improve on the modern technology of smart blinds, Blinds by Peter Meyer has created motorised blinds for interior and exterior applications, providing the most ideal window treatments that are customised to accommodate the modern lifestyle.

In addition to the fast application of home automation technology over the years, smart window treatment has its place in the connected device industry. In Australia, motorised blinds usage is unparalleled. The application is pervasive in many offices and households all over the country.


Motorised Curtains, Blinds, and Awnings

Motorised indoor curtains and blinds, in addition to the automated outdoor awnings and blinds from Blinds by Peter Meyer, represent originality in the office and home automation industry. Perfect for various applications in commercial and residential properties, the automated curtains, blinds and awnings offer an optimal solution for convenience, comfort, and security requirements. Based on their intention to improve living habitats, these motorised products take safety, convenience, environmental effectiveness, and thermal comfort to an elevated level, higher than a manual system could.


The following are the benefits of automated blinds when both outdoors and in:

  • Energy Efficiency – The automation of the blinds regulate how much light and heat go through the window. As such, it promotes more efficient energy usage.
  • Convenience – By using the automated method, a touch of a button is all it takes to operate the blinds. The addition of timers and sensors will permit more automated regulation.
  • Discreet and Quiet – The discretion of Somfy’s motors within the tube of the blinds enables a more advanced automation process.
  • Longer Lifespan – The lack of direct contact on the blinds – due to the automation – stops excessive force from being used, which usually leads to destruction. The motorised method also optimises the performance of the blinds.
  • Safety – Blind motorisation removes the need for loose chains and cords that sometimes lead to accidents.


Motorised Roller Blinds with New Remotes

In the coming year, the roller blind automation industry will see all new lines of remotes by the automation manufacturers, Somfy. Renowned for their vast selection of sensors and controls for choice and flexibility, Somfy teams up with Blinds by Peter Meyer to introduce ‘Situo’.

Situo, the latest ingenious control for curtains, blinds, roller shutters, and awnings, come in a quartet of colours: silver, pure, rose, and gold. You will have the option to choose from 1 channel, 2 channels, and 5 channels. Equipped with quality fabrics and award-winning awning designs from Peter Meyer, turn your property into a more energy efficient and smarter home, office, storefront or facility.


More Automation Sensors and Controllers Available

Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Somfy control and motor systems give the roller blinds several advanced and fashionable automation sensors developed for various purposes. The following are the automation sensors and controllers available, along with their specific functionalities:

  • Telis Soliris RTS (1 or 5 channels): Developed to shut the sun sensor off and on.
  • Telis ModVar Soliris RTS (1 channel): Used to shut the sun sensor off and on for specific modification of horizontal blind slats.
  • Telis ModVar RTS (1 or 5 channels): Developed for specific modification of horizontal blind slats (Venetian blinds, to be more precise).
  • Telis 6 Chronis RTS (6 channels): Developed to allow programming of up to 6 timed events daily.
  • Telis 16 RTS (16 channels): Developed for the smooth operation of 16 motor groups or 16 separate motors.
  • Situo RTS wall mounted remote control: Developed to regulate one or several motors per channel.
  • Sunis Indoor RTS wire-free sensor: Developed to automatically modify the placement of an exterior roller shutter or blind according to a preset sunlight amount.
  • Smoove RTS control (wall-mounted; 1 channel): Constructed as an individual channel control unit that can be wall-mounted, and comes with stop, up/down, and open/close options.
  • Rain sensor. Developed to automatically close a roof or pull back an awning during rainfall.
  • Thermosunis Indoor RTS wire-free sensor: Developed to automatically calibrate the placement of a blind according to predetermined indoor temperatures and sunlight.

For more details about the all-new ‘Situo’ remote controls and motorised blinds, check out our website or talk to our experts via FreeCall 1800 254 631.

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