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Custom Made Roller Blinds

Custom Made Roller Blinds are window treatments that make an area more interesting and are best suited for high-rise units. Customised Roller Blinds are growing in popularity in several Australian cities.

There are numerous considerations when developing and designing high-rise units. Some things to be mindful of include the flooring, soundproofing, ventilation, lighting, and of course, privacy. These necessities are major factors in the overall style and decor of the unit.

Lighting is a substantial element on upper floors. Just how much light that penetrates through windows can impact the feeling and aesthetics, room climates, and energy use of the entire unit.

Privacy should also be of utmost importance, particularly when the unit is in a high-rise apartment building where structures are parallel to one another. The choice of material for indoor blinds plays a key factor in the security, safety, and discretion of apartment owners.

With all of this in mind, maintaining the aesthetics of the unit can be a tough job, particularly with minimal options for mainstream window treatments. That’s why Blinds by Peter Meyer provides Custom Made Roller Blinds, other types of indoor blinds with a vast inventory of material choices. There is a fabric and style suited for any privacy level.

Custom Made Roller Blinds are equipped with ultrasonically-sealed borders, standard stainless steel chains, and numerous base bar colours and styles. Our blinds can be linked, motorized, or spring assisted.

Blinds by Peter Meyer has two ranges of Custom Made Roller Blinds: The Basics Collection and the Simply Roller blinds via the Signature Collection v3.0.

Basics Collection

The BASICS collection features blinds at reduced costs without compromising the quality of fabrics or Roller Blind parts. The brackets come in sandstone, white, gray, and barley. The Base Rails come in the regular oval, making your choice simple. They come in white, silver anodized, black, and cream. Chain selections feature the regular pre-looped nickel-plated steel chain or stainless steel chain as an extra. In comparison to the Signature range, the Basics range has an alternate line of smaller materials perfect for commercial and residential use.

Simply Rollers from Signature Collection v3.0

With a maximum size of 3000mm for blockouts and 3200mm for screens, the Simply Roller Blinds Collection comes in either chain driven rollers with crank drive, stainless steel chain, and motorized or spring assisted. The Simply Roller Blinds range has a vast variety of sheers, sunscreens, blockout fabrics, and translucents that provide outstanding insulation.

Roller Blinds from the Signature Blinds range can be customized. Bracket colours available are sandstone, white, black, barley, and gray. Base Rails range from designer slim, round, oval, D-shape, or large designer. The chain can be either plastic or classic stainless steel. Plastic chains come in a quartet of colours: cream, white, black, and barley. Pelmets can be customized, while timber pelmets can be custom painted, clear lacquered, or stained.

Materials for the Signature Collection are derived from high-quality fabrics, colours, and textures across the globe.


Blinds by Peter Meyer has created Custom Made Roller Blinds for years, creating more areas for personalised space. Learn more information about Simply Roller Blinds, the Basics Collection, and the Signature Collection or talk to our experts via FreeCall 1800 254 631.

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