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Silent Gliss | Curtain Tracks

The world's finest motorised curtain tracks. Unprecedented silence

2C Technology. The Silent Revolution in Curtain Tracks.

Silence just got even quieter with the new Silent Track range of Hand, Cord and Motorised curtain tracks. Combining cutting edge technology with Swiss precision manufacturing expertise, these specially designed curtain tracks combine whisper quiet specially coated curtain tracks with unique two-component (2C) Gliders + Rollers. The end result is unprecedented silence.  Available Australia wide exclusively from Blinds by Peter Meyer.

hand operated curtains
hand operated curtains

Hand operated

cord operated curtains
cord operated curtains

Cord operated

motorised curtain tracks
motorised curtains


Unique. 2C Technology’s Silent Combination.

The 2C Gliders + 2C Rollers are manufactured using 2 materials. A hard component which ensures stability and a soft ‘filling’ to absorb and quieten operating noise. Combining the 2C Rollers & 2C Gliders with the specially coated Silent Track, allowing the curtain to move smoothly and silently, providing unprecedented silence.


Hand + Cord operated curtain tracks combine the new coated Silent Track with premium 2C Gliders.

Motorised curtain tracks combine the new coated Silent Track with premium, patented 2C Rollers.

Hand & Cord Operation
Combining new coated tracks with our new two component technology
2C Gliders

SG 5600 | Motorised Operation
Combining new coated tracks with our new two component technology
2C Rollers

New. Profile Coating Technology.


• Specific coating material
• Specific coating thickness – s trictly monitored quality and thickness
• Generates very smooth surfaface around g liding channel
• Different angle between profile and g lider ensuring low contact surface and less f riction
• Selective contact between g lider and profile resulting in:
• No sharp edge, more coating and less noise.

2C Technology. How the Sound of Silence Works.

Exceptional Quality + Build Standards

  • Blinds by Peter Meyer use only the finest components:
  • Cutting edge technology & build quality
  • Backed by Peter Meyer’s 5 year warranty
  • Plus the Peter Meyer renowned level of service
5 year warranty

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