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Retractable awnings are popular among commercial and residential properties these days. Homeowners can enhance their households by adding exterior enjoyment spaces. Companies can acquire more business by adding more seating sections. The trick is to find a fashionable and sturdy solution that creates such practical spaces throughout the year in various climates.

Blinds by Peter Meyer has been in the awning, blind and roofing business for over 3 decades. We have the biggest inventory of custom made blinds in the country and present a line of retractable awnings with an abundance of materials to choose from.

Consider the following when trying to pick a retractable awning for your commercial or residential property via Blinds by Peter Meyer:


Retractable awnings should be harmonious with various architectural styles, from shabby chic coffee shop motifs to modern home designs.

The Cassita II LED and Weinor Cassita II full cassette folding arm awnings are ultra-thin units that come in over 150 material selections. The Cassita frame has 47 standard colours and 9 trend colours at no additional surcharge.

The Zenara and Zenara LED full cassette folding arm awnings are other retractable awnings with winning designs. Their original form has allured judges and designers of the R+T trade fair and were favorites to win an Innovation award very recently.


Retractable awnings must have the ability to hold up against Australia’s harsh climates.

The Weinor Opal II is renowned for its quality design and accuracy. It has gone through wind testing in very extreme scenarios without falling apart at the maximum projection of 4m, via its LongLife Arm. The cassette’s end caps have a safe closing unit to prevent it from blowing away in the windiest of conditions.


During strong winds and heavy rainfalls, yanking down exterior awnings is nothing a business owner or homeowner wants to do. Safety is paramount, and a motorized retractable awning can do the job automatically. In fact, motorized retractable awnings are accompanied by timers and sensors that do the job even without an owner present.

Special Features

The Cassita, Zenara, and Opal designs have LED variant forms. The cassettes display warm white LED spots that make exterior spaces brighter after the awning has been pulled back.

Aside from full cassette awnings, Blinds by Peter Meyer also has open awnings and semi-cassettes on hand. For a detailed explanation of every awning Blinds by Peter Meyer offers, or for more information about other exteriors, take a look at our outdoor awnings and blinds range or FreeCall 1800 254 631.

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