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Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Sustainable Outdoor Blind Accessories

Sustainable, energy efficient awning and outdoor blind accessories lead to a reduction in your property’s consumption of energy, as well as its carbon footprint. For instance, the use of exterior blinds results in a decreased usage of air conditioning. Adding some minor shade maintains the interior coolness in your home. They stop rooms from getting too warm, which everyone benefits from, including the earth and your bank account.

Exterior awnings offer residents more incentives to partake in daytime or nighttime outdoor enjoyment. If you like to read, drink wine, or socialise on your exterior living room in the evening, some heating choices and LED lighting can make the area more practical.
Australia’s blind, awning, and shade experts, Blinds by Peter Meyer, provide sustainable energy saving products that are ideal for commercial or residential usage.

Awning LED Light Bars

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are 80% to 90% more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs and come with 30,000 hours of operational lifetime.

LED Lightbars come in a pair of models: LED Design/3 Spot Light Bars and LED Light Bars. Such atmospheric patio lighting is customised to a broad assortment of high-grade Weinor patio awnings (with housings created with corrosion free material). It comes in a single colour and piece, 9 trend colours, and 47 standard Powdercoat colours to pick from. The LED Light Bars range from 5 to 20 kg in weight based on the type of width you prefer. You can also use a remote to switch them OFF and ON.

Tempura Patio Heating Systems

Electricity and heating are what produces 31% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The less effective your heating system is, the more energy you’ll use. Therefore utilising a Tempura Patio Heating System is highly energy efficient due to the use of infrared shortwave radiant heaters and efficient power output.

Recommendation: Honeycomb Energy Efficient Cellular Blinds – Simply Cell Shades

In the modern environment, selecting the proper window treatment warrants more than top-notch production. End users and industry specifiers seek out extra aspects to accomplish maximum practicality, energy efficiency, and expense reduction.

Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Simply Cell Shades provide sophistication and style. Additionally, their special tangible composition is comprised of fabric layers linked by pleats. This produces honeycomb cells, which are the signature cellular compartments. There are several benefits of having such a structure: 

Complete Privacy

Everyone has their definition of privacy. Whether it’s dim out, block out, or translucent, Simply Cell Shades are quite an adaptable product and can customise each blind for a certain use. Blinds by Peter Meyer personalises honeycomb cellular blinds to accommodate the level of desired privacy using their vast array of fabrics. 

Outstanding Insulation

Unless you are talking about double glazing, glass windows don’t insulate very well. The insulating properties of Honeycomb cellular blinds are made with a special structure that is designed to insulate – better than any other blind on the market. It traps heat inside its cells, stopping warmth from traveling around the area, retaining the coolness inside during the summer. When it’s cold out, Simply Cell blinds constricts warm air inside its matrix, and as such, stops it from getting out through the windows. Simply Cell blinds are energy efficient blinds that come only second to curtains and natural outdoor shading. 

Light Regulation

The colour, quality, and amount of fabric cells used in Simply Cell Shades regulate how much sunlight penetrates a room. Selecting lighter tones provides a comfortable, soothing glow. Darker tones offer a block out or dim-out effect.

Little-to-No Upkeep

Honeycomb cellular blind fabrics are simple to clean. The fabrics can be washed by hand with warm water and a soft detergent solution. Simply rinse out the fabrics, squeeze out the extra water, and hang it up to dry it out. To stop the cells and pleats from clumping, close and open the blinds several times while they are drying. Care should be taken to ready and follow cleaning instructions before doing this. 

Ensure that all mechanical components don’t get wet. Block out materials and metalled fabrics can only be cleaned by wiping them down with a cloth – rubbing them will not be efficient. 

The honeycomb cellular blinds let energy-conscious consumers stylise their home. Simply Cell Shades provide integrated insulation materials inside the design of the cellular blinds, which aids in minimising the use of heating and cooling systems.

Explore our website now for more information on Blinds by Peter Meyer’s Energy Efficient Simply Cell Shades.

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