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June 2017 | Newsletter

We completed our huge showroom renovation before 2017 DesignBUILD. Many clients visited the new showroom opening whilst in Sydney for the show. It was a pleasure to catch up over drinks, with old friends & an opportunity to showcase the latest ranges from Blinds by Peter Meyer and Weinor Australia.

Special thanks to all our staff who put in a massive effort during this busy week, working above and beyond to ensure everything went perfectly!

Simon  & Damien

Simon & Damian Meyer

New Showroom Opening

BMAA Super Expo - August 2016 Newsletter

Love to have you visit

If you haven’t had a chance to view our new showroom and the latest products on display, please contact Catriona on who’ll arrange a full tour & training day to include what would be most helpful to you. These visits are hugely important and very much welcomed by us.  We love teaching and supporting our customers  in every way, to help them secure their next job & be able to offer their clients exclusive & unique ranges!


It was a great success, bringing Blinds by Peter Meyer and Weinor Australia together with Architects, Designers, Builders, & industry professionals. Special thanks to Marc Hilgenstock (Weinor’s Export Sales Director) coming from Germany to Sydney, visiting a number of our Weinor dealers & helping manage our many leads at the show.

Photos + Case Studies please!

Photos of your jobs could win !

Don’t forget to take Hi-Res photos of your jobs & send to us for a chance to win the Quarterly or Grand Finale End of Year prizes!  Click the link below and save the link to upload all the installations you do with the special “look”. Please ensure they are in High Res as we would like to promote these via our Social Media channels and on our website. Dealers will of course be mentioned & credited to help with your company’s exposure! Every item of publicity helps!

case studiesCommercial or Residential projects

We’re keen to get Case studies of your important jobs featuring Blinds by Peter Meyer products. We’ll showcase them on our website. We wish to build up a set of quality Case studies of our clients’ important jobs that highlighting our products. The installations can be either Commercial or high end Residential, or jobs that required expert solutions to meet a customer’s difficult or demanding brief. We will be publishing these and ensure that your company will be credited with the project. We need images and the story behind the project so we can ensure your work and our products shine.

Simply Cell + Pleat

Tip & Traps

How to price up

When working with the price list, please make sure you don’t get caught out!  Ensure you take into consideration the surcharges that are applied to anything other than the base models (F1, VS1 etc). For example, if it’s a Day-Night roller, you need to include the costs for both the top blind and the bottom blind. See the formulas in the price lists shown below (click to enlarge).

PLK Battery Wand

For those of you who have been selling the Simply Cell and Pleat range from the very start, the old style battery operated crank rod (with battery drive) is no longer available. Instead we now offer a straight crank rod that can be put into any drill. Special attention needs to be taken to ensure the drill has a “slow” setting as a fast drill may damage your blinds.


Please note that clearance on these blinds is especially important, because if the bottom rail fowls on the way up or down, it can stretch the cords or twist them in the head rail. Make sure you have perfect clearance on the drops and on both sides.

Cut Downs

Unlike most of our ranges, it’s not possible to cut down the Simply Pleat and Simple Cell collections after a mismeasure or clients adding in tiles after measuring etc.

These blinds are corded on specific assembly stations in Germany, and if we cut blinds down ourselves, or on site, it actually lengthens the cords, which has an adverse reaction on the blinds.

This could mean that they don’t stop at the correct drop, or lose the constant tension made on blinds from ranges such as the VS model types. The time to disassemble, cut down and reassemble simply makes this not viable.

Please make sure you take enough deductions to clear all recesses with at least 5mm each side.

If you have to have them altered, to make the re-ordering process as painless as possible, please ask us for a special discount on the re-ordered blinds.

New Sample Books Available

Sample books are available now for $230 each. This is a serious folder with 100+ page technical folder and included price list. Showcasing our German quality Honeycomb/Cellular and Pleated ranges in the huge range and designer finish you have come to expect from Blinds by Peter Meyer. Order your books now as they are on a limited release until the next book run is done!

Merrica samples

Some missing White + Pearl LF
Please check your Merrica samples in your new Signature Collection V3.0 Merrica swatches.

One customer told us they were missing White and Pearl Light filtering.

Play it safe & check yours, as it’s one of our best selling fabrics.

Clarence Platinium

Sig. V3.0 different colour to Sig. V2.0
Please work off the new Signature Collection V3.0 for all colours. The old collection book has some colour name variations. New Signature Collection V3.0 includes almost 80% new on-trend colours and textures to work off.
If you are not working off the new Signature Collection, best order one today, they are stunning!

XL 50

Deleted fabric
The Natur fabric (printed Leaf design) is no longer available in our XL50 range. Please update your ranges.

New Solare standard white colour

Our standard white colour for the Solare Teknica range will now be Satin White as opposed to Shoji White.

This new colour has proven to be far more popular so we are implementing it as standard. It will also reduce custom powdercoat costs for our customers.

As a result, Shoji white will now incur a custom powder coat surcharge.

New improved side channels

We are pleased to confirm that there is a new and improved side channel for the Solare Teknica 5000 Exterior Zip blinds. We’re implementing this new system colour by colour, as we work through the existing stock. There’s nothing you need to do as a result – but we are sure you will love the flexibility that the new side channels offer. They slide on from the side rather than clipping in from the front, making it far more flexible to install. There are also new top and bottom end caps that make adjustment of fabric tension far easier. The new side channels are slightly wider but this is not noticeable once installed. We have just ordered the new colour Satin White in these new side rails and we will be changing over all colours as outlined above.

Welds on wide exterior blinds

We’ve had a few customers have complaints from clients about welds on exterior blinds. With the nature of exterior blinds being wider than the maximum width of fabrics we use (up to 3200mm wide), neat welded joins should be expected on all exterior blinds. This is a conversation that you should be having with your clients a whilst you’re selling the job onsite.

Please check the width of fabric you are using as some will be as narrow as 1200mm.

If your width and drop is greater than the max width of the fabric you are using, please expect a join. If we can, we will always hide this horizontal join up in the roll. 1200mm wide Acrylic fabric will have vertical joins especially if the fabric has a vertical stripe.

If you’re unsure, please call and ask, as once the blind is made, it’s too late!

Weinor Prices saying firm for 2017 for the most part

We are pleased to confirm the main products in the Weinor price list remain unchanged for 2017. However there has been a slight adjustment to the Zenara & Livona which will both need to increase by 5%. This is effective immediately. New Pricelist and products to be launched in the coming months! Watch this space.

Set up your Trade Log-in

You’ll find our Trade Section a very helpful resource. All technical info, price lists, latest brochures download, lead times and online order forms will be available in this section. More information is constantly being added. If you haven’t registered yet.

Somfy Glydea Curtain Tracks easier + faster delivery

With recent positive feedback we have decided to improve the way we make the Somfy Glydea curtain track. They will now all be supplied with Tape & Hooks as opposed to the Press-Stud tape. The benefits are that we can now provide tape prior to assembling the motorised tracks, which will speed up the delivery times, and in addition this new system offers far more flexibility onsite as the hooks allow for easy adjustments. It also means that you don’t end up with Blisters on your thumb from constantly pressing the studs together!

Timber Venetian Ladder Tape | 60mm Slat size

After returning from the recent R&T trade show, we have finally found a reliable supplier of Woven Ladder tape. Customers have been screaming for us to add wide textile tapes to our popular Custom Painted and Stained Timber Venetian program. We will be launching with 25mm Wide textile ladder tape in 4 colours for our 60mm Cedar Venetians. The standard colours will be White, Black, Latte and Cedar. Other colours will be available however these will come with longer lead-times and surcharges. We now have access to 36+ colours!


Stock and new swatching will be available in the coming week. To let us know if you want an updated swatch, use the button below to send Simon an email. As soon as the stock arrives, we will get these updates out. ( Note: We expect this is about 4 weeks away )

Woven Timber update

30mm binding is no longer available on woven timber blinds due to irreparable machinery tooling and lack of popularity

Faber Aluminium Venetians  |  Colour Update

Carbon Star and Shadow have been discontinued from the 50mm range, please note the latest standard colours on offer in 50mm are now Brilliant White, Grey Gloss, Pure Silk, Ebony and Sterling.

The 25mm Range has also been totally re-coloured as well, so if you would like updated swatches,

Account Payment

Prompt payment is greatly appreciated and essential.

We have recently been experiencing a larger than usual wait time to receive payment for goods. We are a generous and flexible company, however our accounts, if you are fortunate enough to have one, are 30 days from end of month. A phone call is appreciated if you are experiencing any troubles paying on time – silence worries us!

We are happy to offer a 3% early settlement discount to those who are within trading terms of their account. Please remember the Credit card surcharges if paying early by credit card.

For customers who do not pay to terms, we will have no choice but to stop supply until the account is back in order. Lastly, debt collection will be immediate on all accounts where past due falls past 60 days. We are not a bank and waiting on your customers to pay is not really an excuse we can accept – your account is held with us, not your client.  We truly understand that sometimes cash flow is difficult however prompt payment of accounts is essential for our business to run smoothly. This enables us to continue to provide the high level of product & service quality that the trade has come to expect from Blinds by Peter Meyer.

Despatch Charges

From 1st July 2017

Increased freight charges we’re being hit with.
Over the last few months we have been hit by unusually high increases in freight for handling what is termed as “Ugly Freight”, anything long and over sizes. Basically everything we sell – we now incur a $9.50 manual handling charge per item. Unfortunately, our current PMB despatch charge of $40, is now in no way covering our costs of shipping or packaging. In addition to the manual handling charge, on all orders that are over 3m in length we now incur an additional $25 manual handling charge, packages over 4m in length incur an additional $80 manual handling charge & over 5m in length we’re incurring a whacking $150 manual handling charge.

Necessary adjustment.
We hate having to do this as much as you – but we simply have no alternative other than to revise our despatch charges to cover these extra costs.

New Standard Despatch Charges

General Blind Despatch:
$55 | order
Exterior Rollers |  Glydea Curtain Tracks  |  Panel Blinds:
$100  |  Min. charge  |  Rollers +  Awnings under 3800mm
$150  |  Rollers 3800-5000mm wide
Folding Arm Awnings:
$150  |  Up to 3000mm
$180  |  3000mm – 5000mm
$250  |  5000mm plus


Direct Factory Pick Up

If you’re able to collect your Awnings/Blinds directly from our Homebush factory,

there will be no charge incurred  ( as we know you’ll be kind to your products ) and we won’t need to pack as securely as we normally need to do –  to protect from possible harsh handling by freight transport companies.

Interior Product of the Month

Simply Cell

Simply Pleat + Simply Cell

We have just seen a huge increase in the sales volume of these ranges. The German quality is exceptional, manufactured to the highest standards and offering a huge range of on trend fabrics. For more information contact  or  to arrange a demonstration or call us directly 1800 254 631. If you prefer, visit us and see everything on display at the new showroom!

Exterior Product of the Month

Cassita folding arm awning

Weinor N2000  |  Recessed  Folding Arm Awning

If you have not seen this in our showroom or at the Design Build show, it really is something of beauty. People are calling it the “Magic Awning”. Please make some time to visit and see this Niche awning that pops out from behind the wall!

Staff | New Contacts

Welcome Andrew Portolesi  |  Operations Manager
This is very old news now BUT it’s been a while since our last newsletter so I would like to officially welcome him!  Andrew comes with a wealth of knowledge and is fast becoming an expert in the way Blinds by Peter Meyer do things better! He is very hands-on in the factory and if you have not met him, please make yourself known to him!
He can be contacted on 0425 258 328 or 

New Sales Team Members  |  Blinds by Peter Meyer
As you are no doubt aware, we have recently been beefing up our sales and internal teams to meet the rising demand for our products.

Our new staff all possess excellent experience within the window furnishings industry and are keen to help you grow your business! To assist you with any enquiries you may have, please contact the relevant team member(s) below:

Sales Staff  Contact Details

Brad Twyman:
Trade technical enquiries
0417 046 523   |

Chris Harridge:
Trade technical enquiries
0409 308 108   |

Catriona Montgomery:
Trade servicing, training, sampling and quotes
0423 952 044   |

Internal Sales + Customer Service  Contact Details

Maha Abdallah:
Internal Sales, Customer Service & Reworks
02 8762 1900  |

Robyn Savvas:
Trade technical enquiries
02 8762 1900   |

Michelle  Sawyers:
Customer Service
02 8762 1900    |

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